An Evolutionary Weekend

Our main goal is liberation and awareness expansion through revolutionary and effective workshops and techniques. An opportunity to be with you in order to detect and uncover limiting beliefs and dogmas that bind you to the lower dimensions of pain, fear, anger and guilt. A more expanded understanding of Divine Laws and how to free ourselves from these repetitive feelings and behaviors. For those who have reached a certain ceiling on their spiritual journey and feel the need for something more.
If you feel like the black sheep in the family, this workshop is for you! The truth sets free!


//day 1: The healing of affective relationships + holotropic breathing
Samstag, 7.03. – 10-16Uhr with brunch – 120,-€

//day 2: Spirituality x religion & political socio + ancestral beliefs & patterns work
Sonntag, 8.03. – 10-16Uhr with brunch – 120,-€

Those who join the workshops on both days only pay 225,-€

Social tariff* for 1 day 95 euros
Social tariff* for 2 days 185 euros

*If you are for example a single parent, jobless, …

//day 1 topics:

– Aspects of masculine and feminine within men and women
 – The fall of the sacred feminine and masculine on earth
 – The principle of imbalance in yin yang relations
 – The illusion of feminine attachment seen as love and its disorders
 – The dark patriarchy as a smoke screen for the matriarchy
 – Recognition of negative patterns in you
 – Conscious breaking of patterns for healing male-female relationships inside and outside of you

//day 2 topics:

– Understanding “the system” and the dark forces that support it
 – Chip and implant technology
 – Blame fear and anxiety for power: Access doors to be manipulated
 – Religious and social beliefs that hinder their freedom and evolution
 – Practical solutions for removing implant chips and limiting beliefs
 – Freeing yourself from the matrix in space-time


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Veranstalter: Núcleo Corpo e Alma


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